Mobile Device Shoot (iPhone, iPad, Android)

The Video of the Future - Today!

The video of the future is... everywhere. Today video cameras are ubiquitous, in the form of smartphone cameras. Everyone has one. So why pay someone to shoot with a phone? One answer to that question comes by taking a look at the shaky, constantly moving frame that most people shoot with their phones, for several reasons. One is that they don't have the right equipment. We don't hold our phones up with our hands and hope for the best. We have special equipment that helps us stabilize and optimize the image. But even more important - our smartphone operators can use special microphones and audio equipment to get better sound. They can even tap into a sound board. But the best reason is that you don't want to be stuck video-ing your own event (or anyone else's for that matter). You want to enjoy it. Let us do the work. Think of it as the Domino's of event video.

The Live Streaming Option

Smartphones are also capable of live streaming, to any and all available streaming service, from Facebook Live (Chewbacca Lady) to Livestream, Youtube Live, and others.

The Live Party Option

And there is even an option for create a mobile multi-cam shoot using a network of iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. What a great way to cover a party!

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Shoot Details

Venue: ABC Carpet Presentation Room, NYC
Cameras: 1 (Static)
Quality: Smartphone (Galaxy S6)/1080
Audio: phone mike
Format: direct to MP4 @4Mbps (YouTube/Vimeo)
Delivery: uploaded to YouTube account
Length: 44 minutes
~Cost: $200 (pro bono)

Fundraising Event

Shoot Details

Venue: Lightbox, NYC
Cameras: 3
Quality: Video Camera (1), iPhone (1), iPad(1)
Audio: from board, supplied by client
Prod: live switched on wireless mobile network
Delivery: live streamed
Length: 1:45
~Cost: $1200